Jin Ito

Jin Ito is a cinematographer (DOP, DP) and photographer based in Tokyo. He works on various projects such as advertising campaigns, brand content, documentaries, and editorials, undertaking shoots throughout Japan and the Asia-Pacific region. 

After graduating from Osaka University of Arts, Department of Film Studies, he began his career as an assistant in photography and cinematography at PICT Corporation.I studied as a photo assistant under Mr. Jyouichi Teshugawara. He served as the chief assistant to Kazunari Tajima, Saori Tsuji, and Yoshitaka Murakami before becoming independent as a cinematographer (DOP, DP) in 2015. He joined Connection in June 2019.
His guiding principles as a cinematographer (DOP, DP) and photographer are that the concept, planning, story, and actors are the protagonists of the work, and cinematography plays a supporting role. However, he believes that high-quality cinematography has the power to bring credibility to the work and concept. He emphasizes meticulous preparation and careful consideration to accurately capture the vision of the director, creative director, and clients and express it through visuals.