Genki Ito is a Tokyo-based film director known for his polished and refined sensibility, combined with superb technical skill. In 2004 he started working with W+K Tokyo Lab, participating in numerous music video and visual projects. In 2008 he joined Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo as a digital artist, taking on projects for Google, Nike, and PlayStation. A digital creator originally specializing in 2D/3D animation, he has flourished as a live-action film director since leaving W+K in 2011. He has gained a high reputation for his distinctly un-Japanese approach and sensibility in film direction. He has collaborated with flower arrangement artists and painters, and is increasing his presence in the installation art world. One of his works, Hifana’s Wamono, took the Excellence Prize at Japan Media Arts Festival. His directorial debut, Jemapur’s Clarte, was a hit at film festivals in Germany, Australia, England, and the US. In 2010, Ito was awarded by New York ADC into ADC Young Guns 8.