Kohki Hasei

Born in Okayama Prefecture

Cinema Director, Photographer, Screen Writer, Active worldwide.

In 2010, won the Grandprix at Kustendorf International Film and Music Festival  for the short film “GODOG” as the director.

In 2012, directed and completed the Italian and German collaborative film “LUHA SA DESYERTO” all shot in the Philippine.

He was the first Japanese to be selected into the Venice Film Festival “College Cinema” category in 2015, and won the magic lantern award along with Sorriso Diverso award from the journalists in the following year with the Italian/ Filipino feature film “Blanka”.

The film has been featured in over 40 countries, 70 film festivals, won 20 major awards, and, in Japan, won the Gold for 2017 Kaneto Shindo awards, given to the up and coming directors.

For “Blanka” Koki went searching on his own foot for the local casting, and even studied the production technique that would fit each cast.

He has the eye for observation, the open-minded mentality which is quite rare among film directors.

Koki also has distinct and strong connection with Eastern European countries such as Serbia, Romania, and Poland. He is also experienced in shooting at South America and Middle East.

He has directed music videos for Japanese artists such as UA for her “Odoru Tori to Kin no Ame (The Dancing Bird and Golden rain)” and the band Back Horn’s “Kakusei (Awakening)”

As a Photographer, he was responsible for the stills for Academy awards nominated “Mongol” (Directed by Sergei Bodrov) in 2008. He has acting experience as well.

He has published an original photography book for the NHK TV series “Long Goodbye”.

His other photography works include fashion shoots for magazines like Uomo, GQ Japan, Switch, Brutus, and CD covers, and Movie Posters.

Koki travels abroad as Travel-photo Journalists, take portraits, and write essays as well.